Bamboo Tray BT01

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• Usage: Serving Tray
• Material: Bamboo
• Color: Natural
• Diameter: 30cm or customer's size
• Product's code: BT01

1. Product Feature: 

Made of 100% eco friendly natural ingredients - bamboo. Stalks of bamboo are harvested, cured, and cut into strips. The thin strips of bamboo are expertly woven through the bamboo stalks using intricate weaving methods. The artists' skill allows the creation of unique shapes and designs. Finally, the products are dried and finished. These bamboo tray are eco friendly handmade without dye chemicals non-toxic preservative.

2. Detail Image and Usage:

Can be reused on many different occasions like holidays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, family dinners to poolside, patio dining with your guest add style with these serving tray, parties, daily dining and more. This handmade bamboo serving tray can refresh and renew your home interior just with a touch of rustic and modern style. Isn't it perfect décor for the table in the garden, living room, kitchen? Simple and exquisite at the same time. Serving guests will be a pleasure.


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