Square Encaustics Cement Tiles SCT01

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• Material: White Cement, pigment, stone powder, artificial colour
• Shape: Square Shape
• Type: Decoration, Indoor, Outdoor
• Color:Near 60 colours and 1500 designs are available
• Size:
 200mm*200mm*16mm
 150mm*150mm*16mm
 140mm*140mm*16mm

1. Product feature

Encaustic cement tiles include 2 main layers. The first layer is usually 2 mm thick, it is pigment layer. The other layer is body one and is a mixture of high quality cement and fine sand to make sure about hardness of tile.
100% Vietnamese cement tiles are recyclable and environmentally friendly because the production process use safe materials with the environment and no use of burning fuel.

There are some strength points about our factory:

  • Family business with the secrets passed down by his father.
  • Manufactory with a capacity of over 10,000m2 of cotton tiles / month and can meet large orders in the shortest time.
  • A range of high quality tiles is very diverse in shape, size, color with nearly 1,500 different patterns.
  • An international quality management system ISO 9001: 2008.

We are able to supply encaustic cement tile in large quantities because of the advantage of a factory located in traditional villages. Products have been exported to USA, Korea, Germany …

3. Usage

   Our Cement Tile brings a natural and unique charm, easy to use for both indoor and outdoor tiling and         commercial housing projects. For the most effective use, the cement tiles surface is polished and, covered a   suitable UV protection coating for outdoor constructions, or waterproof grease and stain-resistant for indoor     constructions, or anti-slip for swimming pool and water tank.

4. Production Process

The process of making traditional manual encaustic cement tiles goes through many stages very carefully. At the hands of a long-time HQT's factory worker, we have produced the best quality products to meet customer needs.


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